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        1. 物理系学术报告-New applications of liquid crystals:New applications of liquid crystals: From soft grippers to wearable responsive fabrics.
          发布人: 居春莹 发布时间: 2019-06-19 作者: 访问次数: 12

            报告人Antal Jákli




          Antal Jákli (e-mail: ajakli@kent.edu, web: http://jakligroup.com) has obtained his PhD in Statistical Physics from the Loránd E?tv?s University in Budapest, Hungary in 1986 and his Doctor of Science Degree from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 2000.

          Currently he is Professor at the Department of Physics and Director of the Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program of Kent State University. He has developed several graduate and undergraduate courses and incorporated them into a textbook “One and Two Dimensional Fluids”co-authored with A. Saupe (Taylor&Francis, 2006). He has graduated over 20 MS and PhD students, supervised summer research projects for over 30 undergraduate and high school students and provided international research experiences for 34 US undergraduate and graduate students.

          He is doing research in the Advanced Materials and Liquid Crystal Institute in the area of soft matters with special emphasis on liquid crystals. He has contributed to 260 refereed publications, over 40 conference proceedings, 20 patents and 10 book chapters.

          He has received numerous grants, awards and scholarships including the Luckhurst-Samulski Prize 2010 for best paper in Liquid Crystal and President’s Faculty Excellence Award of Kent State University in 2018.His service work includes conference chair and co-chair positions and member of international scientific committees in several international conferences. Since 2009 he is Associate Editor of Physical Review E and Outside Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.


          Liquid Crystals (LCs) are mainly known about their applications in flat panel displays used in cell phones, laptops and TVs, commercialized nowadays under LED or QD- LED codes.However, liquid crystals are much more than displays and they are present in biology,minerals, or even in space and the research of LCs is still very active and growing that will surely lead to a number of revolutionary new applications. In this presentation I will briefly review new research areas I was involved in the last decade and will emphasize their possible applications. Specifically I will discuss possible applications of bent-core liquid crystals, liquid crystal elastomers and liquid crystals in responsive fabrics.